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Addressing a rapidly-evolving Middle East logistics sector

The Middle East logistics market is set to reach US$66.3bn by 2020, according to report by Swisslog Middle East, robotic, data-driven and flexible automated solutions provider

The report was launched ahead of Materials Handling Middle East (MHME), the region?s dedicated trade show for warehousing, intralogistics and supply chain solutions, which will be running from 3-5 September at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

The 10th edition of MHME will focus on the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 that continues to reshape the region?s industrial landscape.

Organised by Messe Frankfurt Middle East, more than 120 exhibitors from 20 countries will spotlight the latest automated solutions designed to improve operation and cost efficiency, increase production capacity, accelerate customer service and boost competitiveness within a rapidly-evolving logistics sector.

During the MHME, Swisslog Middle East will introduce robotised storage and order processing solutions for small parts and pallets that integrate into existing buildings.

?Several businesses in the UAE and globally have benefitted immensely from logistics automation and, particularly in the Middle East, we are seeing increasing demand for automated logistics solutions in industries ranging from e-commerce and retail to F&B and pharma,? said Alain Kaddoum, general manager, Swisslog Middle East.

?AutoStore, for example, uses robots and bins to quickly process small parts orders and provides better use of available space than any other automated system in the market. Each robot is extremely energy efficient, using just 0.1 kW of energy per hour ? six robots use the same energy as a toaster,? added Kaddoum.

Swisslog will introduce CarryPick, a flexible and modular AGV-based storage and order picking system designed for multi-channel intralogistics that is seen to fulfil 20 orders simultaneously.

Unveiling digital transformation in warehousing

On top of robotics, Kaddoum forecasts that digital transformation will majorly disrupt industry streams such as inventory management, cargo loading, order picking, and real-time monitoring of stocks.

?Technology is and will continue to be a truly disruptive force in how the modern supply chain is shaped, defined, and explored. From basic improvements like streamlining operations and increasing process efficiency to fully automating delivery trucks, technology is enabling much smarter and simpler supply chain management,? he said.

Ancra Systems, the Netherlands-based specialist in automatic truck loading and unloading systems, will debut with an automated truck/container loading and unloading solution (ATLS) for a wide range of industries.

Automation is a major driver for the full spectrum of industries including e-commerce. The UAE?s e-commerce sector is worth US$17.8bn, representing 45.6 per cent of the total value of the Middle East?s e-commerce market, according to a Fitch Solutions report.

?Digital transformation in warehousing intralogistics and the supply chain is in overdrive and we?ve sought to create the best platform for the early adopters and major disruptors to display services and solutions that will undoubtedly improve productivity, efficiency and more across warehousing, intralogistics and supply chain,? said Simon Mellor, CEO of Messe Frankfurt Middle East.

Running alongside Materials Handling Middle East 2019 will be a series of educational sessions and seminars along with presentations around important strategies, policies and trends in supply chain management and logistics.