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Having won plaudits on its release in 2020, the FBCB series of electric counterbalance trucks from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks is expanding with the addition of two 72V models

Mitshubishi forkliftThe FBCB series of electric trucks from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks. (Image source: Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks)

Built for the demands of the Middle East and CIS markets, the FBCB series has a wide choice of options and attachments available, allowing the truck to be precisely specified to meet the needs of your business. In particular, two different types of cold storage modification are available for work in up to -35 degrees and up to -55 degrees respectively.

On launch it offered a choice of nine 48V models with capabilities ranging from 1.0?2.5 tonnes. The new 72V trucks offer the same great advantages and exceptional performance as existing models, but with higher capacities of 3.0?3.5 tonnes.

And like existing models they?re exceedingly nimble and compact, allowing for a high level of manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Thanks to its electric hydraulic power steering and curve control FBCB delivers smooth turning and good lateral stability on corners, meaning less force on the load during transit.

Built for drivers

While compact on the outside, the operator compartment remains spacious and highly ergonomic, helping to keep drivers feeling right at home and staying comfortable throughout long shifts.

All-around vision has been maximised for safety. The narrow dashboard, high-visibility mast, small steering wheel, and optimised lever placement without any compromise to controls. This allows the driver to remain more aware and confident of their surroundings at all times.

The series has proven hugely popular with drivers of all skill levels thanks to intuitive controls and a choice of operation modes. By choosing between normal, power and custom (which can all be adjusted), the truck can be easily adapted to suit the driver?s preferences as well as better matching the working environment.

In any of these modes a further Eco mode can be set, making energy consumption even more efficient. Running costs are reduced and the working time can reach up to 11.5 hours on a single charge.

With its rating of IPx4, the power and endurance of FBCB can be relied on indoors and out. Emission-controlled sites and those with clean operations and wet produce won?t need a separate IC engine truck for outdoor duties, helping to keep everything cleaner and greener.

For more information on what the FBCB series can do for your operations, visit where you can find out more about this or any of the products in the award-winning Mitsubishi range.