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Stauff Connect?s range of tube connectors for hydraulic systems, made of steel, comply with the latest version of the standards DIN 2353 and ISO 8434-1

StauffConnectStauff had introduced the products from the Stauff Connect range for the first time at the Hanover Fair 2015, thereby expanding its portfolio with another product group from in-house development and production. (Image source: Stauff)

They are designed for the safe and leak-free connection of metric tubes with diameters from four to 42mm. The comprehensive tube connector range consists of 24? cutting ring connectors, connectors with 24? sealing cones and O-ring, 24? welding cones and 37? flare fittings. The product range also includes shuttle valves, threaded reducers, fastening components and other accessories as well as corresponding mounting tools and machines, according to the leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe components and hydraulic accessories Stauff.

Stauff had introduced the products from the Stauff Connect range for the first time at the Hanover Fair 2015, thereby expanding its portfolio with another product group from in-house development and production.

?With Stauff Connect, we offer our customers DIN steel connectors the same high requirements for quality and service that we apply to all our products,? says Joerg Deutz, CEO of the Stauff Group.

With 800 bar for selected types and sizes, the pressure resistance of the fittings exceeds the requirements of DIN 2353 and ISO 8434-1. Unless indicated otherwise, the components are designed for the operating pressure with a quadruple safety factor.

The high-quality zinc/nickel surface in the Stauff Connect range offers more than 1,200 hours resistance against red rust or base metal corrosion in the salt spray mist test that is in line with EN ISO 9227. This significantly exceeds the requirements for the highest corrosion protection class K5 as defined by the VDMA in standards sheet 24576.

Deutz adds, ?We stand for the highest level of attention to detail ? from development and production of the individual components to quality control, logistics and delivery performance. That naturally also applies to our new tube connector range Stauff Connect.?

All components and the corresponding production drawings have been designed by the Stauff research and development specialists. The products are tested thoroughly and consistently developed further at the in-house technology centre.

Tube forming system for reliable connections

Available as a standard range, the Stauff Form is the latest addition to the Stauff Connect tube connection range. According to the company, this brings the company another step towards being a one-stop supplier for tube connection technology with comprehensive development and manufacturing competence.

The new forming system features easy installation and a high level of reliability. The Stauff form ring is pressed onto the tube end with a fixed elastomer seal, which creates a positive connection and provides a reliable, permanent and maintenance-free seal on the leakage path when used in combination with a conventional fitting body with a 24? inner cone and a union nut compliant with ISO 8434-1. The sealing effect is supported by the system pressure of the hydraulic system, making the new tube forming system ideal for high-pressure applications.

The Stauff developers placed a special focus on the final, manual installation steps of the forming system in the fitting body. The installer tightens the union nut to the point where the force increases noticeably and completes the installation with another turn by 15? to 20? beyond this point. A clearly discernible torque increase indicates the end of the installation. This means that insufficient or excessive tightening is virtually impossible.

The forming process is user-friendly with a compact, quiet forming machine that can be operated via a touch pad with plain text display. Tube shapers, for example, can easily be changed via a bayonet lock.

Stauff Form is available for steel and stainless steel tubes with dimensions from 6 x 1.5mm to 42 x 4mm (Light Series) and 6 x 1.5mm to 38 x 6mm (Heavy Series).

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