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Saudi Arabia's South Steel has commissioned a minimill from the SMS Group?s SMS Meer and SMS Concast at Jizan

SMSminimillThe SMS Group has put together the latest technologies in the project to ensure an efficient production process at the minimill. (Image source: SMS Group)

The electric arc furnace from SMS Concast has been equipped with eccentric bottom tapping (EBT) and a full platform. It has been designed for 24 charges per day. The ladle furnace has been designed for secondary metallurgy use. About 80 per cent hot-briquetted iron and 20 per cent scrap will be used as raw material, but the furnace will process up to 100 per cent hot-briquetted iron.

The rolling mill from SMS Meer has been equipped with a walking-beam furnace with several control zones. The ratio of fuel to air will be monitored separately in each zone, enabling the fuel consumption to be significantly reduced. The furnace will be operated flexibly, irrespective of the production volume.

The fully-automated rolling mill has 16 housingless stands followed downline by a finishing block with six stands. The compact design of the housingless roll stands and the employment of a finishing block is expected to ensure compliance with close tolerances.

SMS Concast CEO Stefan Rutishauser said, ?We are very pleased about the successful cooperation with our customer. Thanks to the high capacity of the components, the performance and productivity of the minimill is impressive, exactly as South Steel had expected it to be.?