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JPEmbedded will present state-of-the-art smart grid communication solutions at World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

JPEmbedded 17 DecWith the solution, JPEmbedded aims to address different business cases and use cases. (Image source: JPEmbedded)

JPEmbedded is a privately owned company based in Krak?w, Poland and one of the leading providers of secure, robust and comprehensive communication solutions for Power Systems. 

Considering the complexity of the modern grid, the multitude of communication standards and vendors, hooking up all the Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) into one system is not an easy task. Having a wide range of both software and hardware products, JPEmbedded is in a position to address different business and use cases. 

Communication libraries offered by JPEmbedded include most of the standards used by the industry: IEC61850, DNP3, ICCP, IEC60870-5-10x. All software is designed with the specific requirements of embedded systems in mind. This means that it is resource efficient and easily portable to different platforms (operating systems or hardware architectures).The bulk of the functionality is 100%  independent of the underlying target platform.

All libraries are implemented in C++ language but APIs for other languages (for example, C, Rust, C#) are available, which makes the integration on the target device smooth and easy. 

For all its libraries, JPEmbedded is offering source code which is a great advantage for the customers interested in certification or concerned with safety or cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is of course of paramount importance and secure authentication, encryption/decryption, certificate handling must be supported by most IEDs currently deployed in the field. Depending on the protocol of choice,  libraries by JPEmbedded support relevant parts of the IEC62351 standard and could be optionally enabled if required by the customer.

Sometimes modification of the software of a device already deployed in the field is not an option. If such IED must be integrated with the system using communication protocols not implemented by the device, the solution could be the application of protocol converter. JPEmbedded offers three hardware devices facilitating protocol conversion.

Papilio ?  An entry level, cost efficient protocol converter, featuring one Ethernet port and serial interface. Because of its small footprint it is a perfect choice for IIoT applications. It is offered as a PCB module.

Apis ? An  embedded gateway with two Ethernet ports which allows support of redundancy protocols (PRP or HSR). It is offered as a PCB module to be integrated into customer product or as a standalone external device e.g. mounted on DIN rail.

Crabro ?  A SOC running under Linux. Beside standard protocol conversion logic, it offers possibility to implement applications and functionality specific for the customer or the project. 

All gateways by JPEmbedded support conversion between the following protocols: IEC61850, DNP3, IEC60870-5-10x, ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU, MQTT. Configuration of the device in terms of the mapping between the protocols is done with one intuitive GUI application ? Drosera.

At World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, JPEmbedded will demonstrate how to integrate legacy circuit breaker with ModbusRTU interface, into the IEC61850 network.