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Compact equipment, such as skid steers, loaders, and backhoe loaders, are becoming very popular due to the fact that they are very versatile

MB L200 on backhoe loaderMB Crusher units travel attached to the heavy machinery; they don?t need special haulage. (Image source: MB Crusher)

These machines are so resourceful, and MB Crusher units can push the limit even further. You can transform your skid steers and BHL into a compact recycling centre. At the site, your machines will be capable of handling demanding jobs and save time and money. 

How can you upgrade your loaders, skid steers and backhoes?

It?s MB Crusher?s ultimate goal: to transform any machine, of any size, into a powerful crusher or screener. 

Agile and compact: What can transform them into powerful and revolutionary machines?

MB equipment can hook up to any brand of skid steers, loaders, or backhoe loaders from 2.4 to 25 tonnes, and they allow you to crush and screen any material for immediate reuse or sell.

What are the main benefits, and who are they for?

The benefits are countless. For the company using them, MB Crusher units can transform waste into reusable material, which means saving on hauling expenses, landfills or specialised treatment centres costs, saving on purchasing aggregate material, hiring operators and long working hours.

The benefits are important for the environment: reduction of dust and emissions, avoiding using landfill, repurposing waste instead of using natural raw materials. 

MB LS170 demolition materialFrom cost to revenue: How can waste become a source of income?

MB Crusher?s mission is to transform waste into reusable material. Anyone who uses MB machinery can regain value from the waste from his construction site, turning waste into quality material, and if you need to have material crushed or screened to different sizes, adjust the jaws of the crusher bucket or change the panels of the screening bucket directly on-site.

And for job sites with difficult or limited access areas?

MB Crusher units travel attached to the heavy machinery; they don?t need special haulage. This also means they can reach a job site where there is no road yet, and even work in places where space is tight, and manoeuvrings are difficult. You might have no space, but you still have your recycling centre available. Also, MB?s units are designed to work in busy city centres, containing noise and lowering truck circulation, moreover, they can be equipped with a dust control accessory. 

Why do MB Crusher units help preserve the planet too?

Because they guarantee effective and economical disposal and recycling of waste, all the resulting material ? inert, ferrous, stony, earthy, organic, and dry ? can be treated and selected without passing through landfills. Institutions can also benefit from managing solid urban waste. 

Why isn?t there a need for specialised personnel?

Because all MB Crusher machines share a quick and simple installation ? in fact, the machines use the operating machine?s hydraulic system. Management and maintenance can be performed directly on-site by the operator without needing specialised personnel.