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Locus, a global B2B SaaS company that automates human supply chain decisions, has announced a new integration with Lytx, a leading provider of video telematics, analytics, safety and productivity solutions for commercial and public fleets

AdobeStock 127871822Locus uses in-depth machine learning and proprietary algorithms to offer customers intelligent logistics solutions. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

While Lytx provides GPS location information for the vehicles, Locus uses the information to create the most optimal route. In addition, Locus can use the planned route and the location information to compare the planned with the actual performance and to provide analyses and insights. The combined product offering from Locus and Lytx will enable fleet managers to optimise total cost of ownership (TCO) through fuel consumption monitoring, driver analytics, visibility, compliance management and predictive maintenance alerts.

For vehicle fleets, this intelligent management platform will contribute to higher utilisation of the facilities, optimised route planning, better driver communication and seamless interaction with shippers and warehouses, which will lead to cost and time savings for fleet managers.

?This partnership offers our customers the perfect mix of analysis and routing functions,? said Krishna Khandelwal, a chief business officer at Locus the sales-generating activities.

?Many fleet managers today use multiple technologies and are looking for ways to consolidate so they can save time and focus on more important things,? said Frank Schneider, director of integrations and partnerships at Lytx. ?This integration enables Locus and Lytx customers to get a seamless view of all the data they need from both systems so they can make informed decisions in no time. Fleet managers can track their vehicles via GPS, insights into driving behaviour through our proprietary range of video and machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV + AI), dispatch technicians and route vehicles.?

Locus uses in-depth machine learning and proprietary algorithms to offer customers intelligent logistics solutions. The company works with top clients in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and India and has raised US$29mn from world-class investors in multiple rounds.